CS Resources for Teachers and Parents

CS Unplugged

  • Computational thinking exercises for introducing CS without a computer.


  • Drag & drop block-based programming to build animations and interactive programs.

Code Combat

  • Interactive game for teaching coding and programming concepts.

Google Computational Thinking Course

  • A free online course helping educators integrate computational thinking into their curriculum.


  • Lots of simple exercises for problem solving with code, as well as more involved curriculum.

Google Applied Digital Skills

  • A free curriculum designed for an in-school, self-paced blended learning environment where students practice life skills while building creative projects using Google’s Suite of apps - targeting 7th-12th grade students.


  • Code in any language in the browser; has features to set up a classroom.

App Inventor

  • Allows students to build Android Apps in the browser.

Blockly Games

  • Games you can build using Blockly (block-based programming).

Articles & Research